We're called Mind Body Personal Training for a reason!

How it all began

Mind Body Personal Training is the brainchild of James Tilley, Salisbury’s top functional personal trainer.
After becoming disillusioned with every trainer out there telling you that they’re a celeb trainer and how important “having a six pack and beach ready biceps” is in life, or and being able to perform a “five minute plank” James decided to focus on helping people discover a way of training designed for life and not just the gym or the beach!

Mind Body Personal Training does exactly what it says, we design a body that not only looks great but achieves optimal levels of performance.

If you’re bored of normal one dimensional gym training, bored of treadmills, fixed machines and spin bikes,
contact us today and start your journey to a new incredible way to train.

Start your journey to a new functional you today - your First 1 2 1 session is free!

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