Why your HIIT workout is killing you

HIIT training, all the stars do it, the Body coach says it’s great, it burns huge amounts of calories, and every trainer out there uses it to “Get you that beach body”. So, does it actually work? Is it for you? More importantly, is it doing you any good? The answer to...

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Boot camps, why they’re not as cheap as you think

“We’re the biggest and best” “£10 for 10 sessions” “Our sessions kick ass”!!! Boot-camps, the new big thing in beasting already broken people, that think their gonna get that “summer body”, by running around in a field getting shouted at (this is...

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Why the fitness industry sucks

“Get bigger Biceps in 6 weeks” “Beach ready Abs” “The Wolverine workout” “From fat to flat” “Build a beach body & have incredible sex” BLAH BLAH BLAH, All B&**”!#t on the covers of health mags, just to draw you in and make you believe you too can look like...

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To bench, or not to bench, that is the question

So whilst I was looking for content to put in this I came across an article that said “11 undeniable benefits of the bench press” so naturally being into functional movement I could not resist a look! 1)  It helps increase upper body push strength Ok so that’s right,...

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Why not to choose spin classes

"It works me really hard and I burn loads of calories." So you’ve had a long day sat at the desk, the boss has been on your back, you’ve had deadlines to meet and your STRESSED!! So what could be better than to get to the gym jump on your spin bike strap in and take...

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Online training – is it worth it?

So why should I save my money? The clue here is in two words, “PERSONAL TRAINING”, as in 1-1, client and trainer in a room together, face 2 face. Exactly how can it be personal training across the net? Where’s the “personal”? It’s about as personal as buying an...

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