Mind Body Personal Training

We are the flexibility specialists.

“Life is movement. The more life there is, the more flexibility there is.
The more fluid you are, the more you are alive.”

Increased Mobility & Flexibility

“Good posture can only be acquired when the entire mechanism of the body is under control.”

Animal Flow

We are the movement specialists:

“Empty your mind, be shapeless like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup.
If nothing within you stays rigid everything flows. Water can be soft or the most powerful force on earth. Be like water.”

Hi there, I’m James – Creator of the mind-bodypt system

Thank you for visiting the site and I hope you find our approach to be what you’re looking for.
Hopefully you’ll see we’re very different from others and that our ideas on how to train and what’s really important, inspire you to make a change from the norm and discover a new, more beneficial way to health.

If you like what you see and read please don’t hesitate to contact and I’ll get back you ASAP

Do you suffer with aches and pains?

Do they affect your daily life?

Make you feel older than your years?

Do you feel stiff and tight from tight muscles and joins? (Including muscle soreness)

Is your movement restricted?

Do you find the simplest of movement’s hard work?

Tried everything else and nothing helps?

Fed up dealing with back ache or pain?

Struggle to move and sit comfortably because of a stiff back?

Confused how to make it better and want to know what to do and avoid?

Tried lots of things but not helping and don’t want to take pain medication?

Wish you could do something to get rid of it once and for all?

Want to move easily, de-stress and not feel older than your years?

Want to keep moving well and feeling great?

Want to avoid aches and muscle stiffness and prevent pain? (Including pain from stiff joints)

Determined to keep doing the activities you enjoy regardless of your age?

Training for an event and want to avoid injury?

Like to learn what to do and what avoid to manage your body better?

Want to know how to reduce muscle cramping and delayed onset of muscle soreness? (DOMS)

What we can offer you

Increased Mobility | Better Flexibility | Postural Conditioning
Mind Body Personal Training
Your brain & nervous system, the two most important parts of you. They run the show, nothing happens without they’re say so.
Imagine flicking a light switch that’s not wired correctly, & wondering why your still in the dark. The human bodies exactly the same. With the amazing system that is AMN, Mind-bodypt can ‘re-wire’ your system to make sure everything is in place & help you avoid injury and get faster results.
Mind Body Personal Training
Think of your body as an F1 car, a highly tuned super advanced machine capable of amazing things. But, without all the pre-race checks, you’re probably not gonna survive the first lap.
“If you’re not assessing, your guessing” (Paul Chek) and if we’re guessing you’re gonna get hurt. Like the F1 car, we want you fully prepped to perform to your best. So, once you’ve been assessed and corrected, it’s time for the fun to begin.
Mind Body Personal Training
I’m gonna be honest here, Mind-bodypt don’t do bench press, bicep curls or six packs or spin bikes. We don’t do treadmills, rowing machines or cross trainers. We don’t do drill instructor; big heavy weights and you won’t hear the words “feel the burn”
What do we do? Training for life.

We’ll take your body way beyond the gym floor; We’re Salisbury’s leading studio in Movement, Flexibility, Mobility, Balance & Posture. And, we’ll get you feeling like you can carry on doing what you enjoy for as long as you want to. And all whilst being ache & pain free.


Often described as the new Yoga, Eldoa pushes you to the next level with postural techniques.

Stick Mobility

A great way of increasing your flexibility and mobility, Stick Mobility opens up your body to movements you no idea you could do.

Animal Flow

Created as a fun challenging way to improve your strength, power, flexibility and mobility, Animal Flow has something for ever body!


Applied Movement Neurology is the understanding of the most sophisticated system known to man, the human body.