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So what is Functional Training?

If I’m honest, every type of training is functional. If you want bigger biceps then curls are functional. If you want a bigger chest then bench press are functional. The mind-bodypt difference is training is based upon what humans are meant to do, and that, is move.

The ability to take your body to many different positions at different speeds with different loads and to not get injured doing it. Functional patterns are leading the way when it comes to “training for humans” That’s why I use their methods.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you lead on your back and pressed something heavy outside of the weights room? Or sat on a seat and lifted weights using just your thigh? Or curled up so many times your abs hurt next time you sneezed?

We push things standing up, we use our whole legs when we sit or stand and we use our “core” all of the time, not in isolation.
Without getting all technical we have systems in place designed to move us, to push, to pull, bend, extend & rotate. To move sideways and at different angles, not just forward, backward, up & down. Modern life & modern gyms are shutting us down and lessening our abilities to do this. Thus making us more open to injury when performing the slightest movements.

All exercise is “functional” but we like to think that what we do is more “functionally beneficial” to life.

Come and discover training that benefits you outside of the gym and realise your body’s full potential with mind-bodypt.


Every session is different and just challenging enough, he always seems to know just how far to take things, and we love the way his focus is upon allowing us to enjoy our later years to the maximum.

Jim & Heather Platt

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