Functional Personal Training

Helping you achieve optimal performance

So what makes Mind Body Personal Training stand out amongst other styles?

As fully certified Kettlebell, TRX, Stick Mobility and Neuro Skeletal Trainers, Mind Body Personal Training are uniquely positioned in Salisbury to offer a style of functional training designed for life, not just the gym.

Activate, Strengthen, Lengthen and Mobilize. The four pillars Mind Body Personal Training base client training on to achieve fantastic results.

We won’t waste your time on biceps curls and bench presses and we won’t waste your time doing hundreds of pointless backbreaking crunches. We won’t waste your time on treadmills and spin bikes.

We will teach your body to move like never before, we will teach the body to be functionally stronger than it’s ever been. Most importantly we will give you a great looking and functionally capable body, to allow you to enjoy life.

Start your journey to a new functional you today - your first 121 session is free!