functional strength training for life outside the gym

Where it all started

After years of training in gyms myself, when I became a trainer, I realised traditional ways of training had left me feeling stiff & tight, sore & uncomfortable. That my body was only becoming strong in movements that are mainly not functional to daily life and limiting my movement ability.

When I looked at what I had spent my life doing sports & play wise, goalkeeping, martial arts, parkour, roller hockey, mountain biking etc. I realised that nothing I was doing in the gym was helping these improve.

This led me to explore different types of training, kettlebells, Steel mace, club-bells, trx, Animal flow. All types of training that allowed my body to actually move how it’s supposed to. To be strong in all planes of movement. To keep injury free, and, now in my 50’s, still keep doing all the things I have always done, at a level I have always managed.

Unlike gym machines that fix you in one position and never allow your body to change. Functional strength training actually helps develop strength that carries over to daily life. I am now pain free 99% of the time, able to move better than ever, and stronger than I was performing traditional gym based fixed plane ‘strength’ movements.

The difference between Innov8 & traditional training

So many of us suffer from aches and pains. Back pain, joint pain, neck pain and muscle soreness all prevent us from effectively exercising and keeping our bodies supple and healthy into our older years. To ease the pain, we tend to turn to various non-movement-based treatments. This works ‘in the moment’ but does not provide the accompanying muscle strength and flexibility you need to eradicate the pain permanently.

Our experience

Since starting Innov8 in 2005, James has worked with professional athletes, including members of the GB sailing team, members of the GB basketball team and American football players. James mainly works with everyday people of all ages, conducting one-to-one sessions in his peaceful fitness studio in Salisbury. His passion for helping people live long and healthy, pain-free lives is at the core of the business, and it really shines through.

Work with us

James offers FREE 3-day clinics every six to eight weeks to show potential clients exactly how his unique approach works. Over three weeks, clients start working on functional movement and strength building, following an assessment, using a mixture of techniques that will really work. As a general rule, they are so impressed they choose to sign up and carry on working with James long-term. Look at some of the case studies and testimonials on our home page if you want to see real results.

Let’s get started

Are you ready to work with James, our personal trainer in Salisbury, to improve your strength, flexibility and fitness? Do you want to find a new approach to a healthy, fit, pain-free future?

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