We're called Mind Body Personal Training for a reason!

Hello, welcome to mind-bodypt

Salisbury’s premier Movement & Flexibility studio, where you’ll find a rather unique approach to others.

Why? Well to be honest, because I’m really not worried about how much you can bench press, bicep curl, or how long you can hold a plank.

I’m fascinated and inspired by how I can improve a client’s movement abilities, and alleviate aches and pains through exercise. I’ll be honest!! You probably won’t become a team GB gymnast over night, but, you’ll have a body that’ll let you enjoy life to the full, for as long as you want.

Here at the studio you’ll find an amazing combination of tools that no one else around has, and with these, you’ll move better, be more balanced, improve co-ordination and become functionally stronger than before. (View our movements)

I’ll help your body become the “fit” you want it to be, by moving away from what you may have done in the past. And by teaching it to work smarter, not necessarily harder.

Imagine a body that’s as capable at 90 as it was at 19!!

See, as much as nothing says healthy to me like a strong body, I don’t mean “big muscles & six pack strong”. I mean really strong – everyday strong, strong for life – not just the gym. I’ll help you look at a far bigger picture. In fact, I’ve often been told by clients how this approach has helped far more than traditional methods they have used in the past.
You see the human body is amazing, and aesthetics aside – it’s the behind the scenes things that should be a bigger focus. The systems that run the show – the brain, the nervous system, the important things. Because let’s face it, biceps & bench press don’t matter when you can’t bend to tie your laces!

We are designed to move, and move really well!

Flexibility is the big thing, and not just stretchy muscles, as great as they are. I’m talking neural flexibility; without it you just don’t move well, and that, more often than not, leads to pain. That’s why Rehabilitation here is based upon movement and not the treatment table.

Growing up I spent most of my time climbing something, Trees, climbing frames in the park. Along with roller hockey, goal keeping. Martial arts, Parkour, I’ve always done things that have required my brain to pay attention
Things that at 47 allow me to still climb trees, & climbing frames with my son. To still play tag with him and now he’s into martial arts, still practice.

What I love, is that I can still move like I could when I was 6. My nervous system allows me to still do what I have always enjoyed doing. To me, that’s far more important than chasing six packs and biceps.

I choose Flexibility over bulk, mobility over isolation of muscles and function over looks, and to understand and promote the benefits of a forever mind & body, no matter what your age.

So If you’re looking for exercise that actually does something beneficial. Exercise that trains you for life, not just the weights room!! Then trust me, you’re in the right place.


I've never felt so engaged with my body. Every single part of me feels connected and working in a way that is difficult to describe


I have attended many keep fit classes throughout my life – from fully equipped gymnasiums, aquarobics, Pilates and yoga to name but a few. However, the best one that I have discovered is Mind-BodyPT small group sessions

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