We're called Mind Body Personal Training for a reason!

Mind Body PT

So, what makes Mind-bodypt stand out from the rest? Why should we be your first choice when looking for a trainer or therapist? We think it’s in our approach, it’s very different from most.

Firstly we’ll provide you with the most up to date and fully comprehensive assessments of brain / body and movement ability. You can be guaranteed you’re receiving exactly what your body (and mind) needs at the time.

If you view our certifications page, you’ll only see qualifications from some of the top names in the industry. Despite years of experience, our belief is that ongoing learning is essential in order to provide the greatest benefits possible to our clients.

Secondly: We don’t do “packages” where you get set things for a set price. Our prices include everything, Treatments & training. We believe the treatment room & the studio should not be two separate things. If you need treatment during your training but your “package” doesn’t include it you shouldn’t have to pay extra or be referred out. That’s why here at mind-bodypt we are constantly improving our education to offer you the client the best service possible.

Do we charge a bit more than others? Yes, but we believe our service warrants it and feel we can honestly say our clients are always pleased the service we have provided.

So, what makes our style of training different?

At Mind-bodypt you won’t find fixed gym machines & big weights, because we don’t believe in working single muscle groups. We are designed to move, and move really well. Training single muscles does not make a functionally strong body.

With a combination of Eldoa & Stick Mobility we will create a flexible and strong posture. Functional movements with Kettlebells, Medicine balls, Trx, and others teach your body to be super strong in any situation and still look and feel great.

If Mind-bodypt sound like what you’re looking for, if you’re looking to increase your flexibility, improve your movement ability, to live a pain-free, more comfortable life, please contact us today and start your journey to a new you.

Start your journey to a new functional you today - your first 121 session is free!