Applied Movement Neurology

Reconnecting brain body communications

Great for helping with Joint pain, muscle soreness and improving flexibility.

AMN is one of the most advanced pain management systems in health and fitness today

Unobtrusive and relaxing for clients, AMN reconnects systems in the body to create a homeostatic level, providing the brain with the opportunities to monitor, correct and connect systems.

Helping create a healthy balanced you. Musculoskeltal, Proprioceptive, Visceral, Endocrine, Immune, Gastro intestinal, Sleep, balance, Hormonal, and emotional and much more, the AMN calibrate system is an amazing tool that could be just the help you’ve been looking for.


He believes it’s your life, to live how you want, big, small, thin, large, he wants to help you to move, and keep moving, for decades to come. To be able to enjoy life to your fullest.


Each session is unique – the variety makes it both interesting and challenging. I have no doubt that his focus upon movements that benefit daily life (I spend a lot of time seated) are entirely why my fitness levels in my mid 50s are better than they were in my mid 40s

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