How we can help

Here to help with relieving pains such as back pain or muscle soreness.
Also offering to improve your flexibility and posture.

Help with aches and pains

Do you suffer with everyday aches and pains such as muscle soreness, that just won’t go away? Then we may have just the treatment you need. Time for you to achieve pain relief.

Recommended Solution: Applied Movement Neurology

AMN, or Applied Movement Neurology, allows us to literally delve into the nervous system itself to find exactly what’s going wrong, and allow the body to correct itself. By using sequences of touch, an AMN practitioner can access the parts that other systems can’t and correct imbalances. Helping you back to enjoying a pain free life.

Relieve pain and aches


Correct Imbalances


Find potential previously unknown underlying issues


Improved Sleep

Help with back pain, neck pain and joint pain

If you suffer with back, neck or joint pains, Mind-bodypt can help with the incredible Eldoa. As recently used by the great Tiger Woods to help rehab his long-term back issues.
Recommended Solution: Eldoa
A series of postures designed to help de-compress the spine. At mind-bodypt you’ll receive expert advice and instruction on this amazing technique to help you alleviate painful back pain, neck pain & joint pain issues long term.

De-compress the spine


Correct painful back issues


Improve spinal health


Alleviate disk problems

Help with improving flexibility and posture

Poor posture? Muscle stiffness/tight muscles? Painful movement? Stiff Back? Stiff joints? Mind-bodypt are Salisbury’s leading studio for flexibility and postural correction. We have three posture exercises that will help create a more flexible, taller and functional you. Improve flexibility today.

1: Stick Mobility, go beyond Yoga or Pilates, and discover a new way to stretch and move your body, and gain bigger faster results than ever before

2: Functional patterns, the world leaders in human movement training, learn how you’re supposed to move, and teach your body to work smarter and more efficiently

3: Neuro flexibility, the worlds most advanced flexibility system. Discover why all the years of stretching have left you still feeling stiff and tight. And realise your bodies movement and flexibility potential.


Pain free movement


Improved digestion


More energy


Pain free joints

Start your journey to a new functional pain free you today