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So, what makes mind-bodypt different than others?

1) Firstly, it’s the assessment, I’m interested in exactly what’s going on behind the scenes. To do this I use an amazing system called: AMN: (Applied Movement Neurology)

This allows me to literally hack into your nervous system, find misconnections, and correct them, just by using thought & touch.

2) The second part of the assessment is finding out how you move.

By testing your body through movements in planes of motion it’s not used to, you’ll get to see how restricted it really is. Both physically and neurologically.

This lets me know where I can safely start your training.

Then it’s time for what I feel, really makes Mind-bodypt stand out amongst the rest:


Imagine being able to define whether a muscle really is tight or just being inhibited by another. To understand why all the years of stretching have never got you more flexible. Being able to know exactly how long to stretch for and gain massive increases in range of motion in minutes.

With Neuro Flexibility a fantastic flexibility exercise, you can. (Exclusive to mind-bodypt in the Salisbury area)


An Osteopath designed series of postures to help re-align the spine, create space for disks and help improve your posture.

Helping alleviate such things as Sciatica, Disk bulges, Scoliosis to name just a few.

A system offering fantastic flexibility and postural exercises.


Lightweight & highly flexible, these amazing tools allow the body re-learn to integrate tissues, re-learn movement patterns, create amazing flexibility & build real functional core strength. Improve your flexibility and posture with flexibility workouts using Stick Mobility.

Exclusive in the Salisbury area to Mind-bodypt.


Tearing up the rule book on functional training. Work smarter, not harder, using movements and exercises based on what we were designed for.

All without the need for big weights.

ANIMAL FLOW – the new yoga?

Taking movement back to its roots. Ground based bodyweight exercise that challenges Balance, Co-ordination and Core strength, Mobility, Flexibility and Cardio all in one.

And most of all, is great fun. Exclusive in the Salisbury area to mind-bodypt.

Blaze POD

Flash reflex training to co-ordinate hand, eye & foot movements, speed up reflexes, and help keep the brain focused as you train.

Another exclusive to Mind-bodypt.

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