I have been training one to one with James since 2019 and he has had a huge impact on my life.
I am 70+ and have had relapsing/remitting MS for over 40 years. Relapses over those years have resulted in long term issues with weakness, balance, gait and stamina and having spent years walking incorrectly I have now developed osteoarthritis in my right hip. Having given up my racket sports, I now play golf, but my ability to play is often hampered by stiffness, lack of stamina and fatigue.
Friends encouraged me to join one of James’s classes and this made me realise how incredibly stiff and inflexible I had become so I have been training with him 1-1, twice a week, for the past three years, as well as continuing to go to a class. James is a trainer like no other. His knowledge and understanding of the human mind and body and how it is designed to work is outstanding and his ability to identify where the problems actually are, as opposed to where they appear to be, through the use of AMN,
can at times be mind-blowing.

Who would have thought that at my age I would be using clubs and maces to improve my flexibility and movement. He challenges me all the time and often takes me out of my comfort zone, but I am stronger and more flexible now than I probably have ever been and, more importantly not only can I now regularly play 18 holes of golf, but I am stronger, standing straighter and moving and
walking with ease.

If you want big muscles and a six pack, James is not for you, but if you want to improve your flexibility and movement as well as your strength and overall fitness then make that call today – it could change your life.

Mary Milsom

These videos are from a client who had been informed that the issue was structural in the knee and that he would never be able to perform a lunge movement.

  • Video one as you can see is the right knee not bending
  • Video two is the left knee for a comparison
  • Video three is after a 15-minute remote (hands off) treatment. As you can see the difference in the right leg’s movement is huge.

Using AMN we discovered the issue was actually a medial ligament in the ankle, associated with a few other things including a Meridian line, and actually nothing to do with the knee at all.

Read what our satisfied client’s have to say

“Not your average PT. James is all about movement and working your whole body – which very much includes your brain! The sessions are always interesting, you have to concentrate, he won’t make you stand still and lift weights for hours on end, and he laughs at the concept of “leg day”. Every day is brain day. That’s not to say you won’t work hard and get sweaty, you absolutely will.
James doesn’t want to hear about your weight loss goals though, or your diet; because he believes it’s your life, to live how you want, big, small, thin, large, he wants to help you to move, and keep moving, for decades to come. To be able to enjoy life to your fullest.
You will look better, but that’s a side effect, more importantly you will FEEL BETTER, and move pain free. Honestly, take it from someone for whom the idea of a stereotypical bellowing PT is anathema, James and mind-bodypt are kind of brilliant!”
Abi Vigors

We started with James as we wanted to focus on flexibility, mobility and movement, rather than the typical cross-fit, heavy weight, multiple reps approach a lot of trainers take. James understood straight away what we wanted and has been tailoring and focusing our training ever since, using a variety of different, and enjoyable, techniques. Six years later we would highly recommend James. Even if he does support Spurs.
Jeff & Rosie Lane

“James is uniquely placed to help you be in the best shape you can be whatever your age. Not only can he work you in the traditional sense, with a hot and sweaty workout, but the way he does it is entirely different than any trainer I have met before. His methods are based upon movements that help improve your daily life, not on how much weight you can lift, or how fast you can do it.
Technique & posture are all important in James’s method of training above all else, and I feel this is what still allows me enjoy exercise.
His use of the amazing AMN practice (in layman’s terms, a sort of rewiring the brain and re-connecting everything to allow your body to function properly!) often performs wonderous results with aches & pains that leave me thinking, how?
James’s unique combination of Eldoa and Stick mobility offer an amazing way to stretch and increase your flexibility, Eldoa, a spinal stretching practice, which in our sedentary lifestyles is a godsend, is especially excellent at finding your tight spots and easing them; it helps with posture, back & neck pains, and body self-awareness. Stick Mobility is in my opinion, the best tool for overall flexibility I have ever come across, so the mixture of the two techniques works wonders.
James is all about helping you and your body to function efficiently, correctly and naturally, by following his methods you will be more fit and flexible than ever before.
He is friendly and professional, and his classes are small and welcoming, so do come along and see how he can help you “
Katherine Wilford

I have been attending weekly Eldoa and Stick Mobility classes with James since October 2019. I cannot believe the improvements in my flexibility and stretchiness. He has an awe-inspiring understanding of the human body and is able to work individually on specific problem areas. His classes are challenging, but as James mentions, flexibility is something that should be part of our daily routine, “use it, or lose it”
The classes are fun, and I always feel proud of myself for what I have achieved, and James is always on hand to help if I struggle.
Julie Horne

James is not a conventional trainer by any means. I have learnt new ways to exercise, using systems and techniques that I had never seen or heard of before. My ability and concentration is tested, as if working from the very core of my body and slowly building outwards. The sessions aren’t easy but a constant theme throughout is my brain. I’ve never felt so engaged with my body. Every single part of me feels connected and working in a way that is difficult to describe. And then James threw AMN into the mix. A complete ‘hocus pocus’ which has left me wowed on many occasions as to the immediate change in my body – improving hip pain, imbalances and switching on muscles. Not to mention clearing emotional trauma and resolving complexities in my body that I didn’t even realise were there.
I highly recommend James – he will challenge the way you train and the way you view your body and your brain. Some of it may seem a little ‘out there’ but if you can be open minded and put your trust in James then the results speak for themselves and you will feel better and move better than you ever have before.
Laura Humes

James has a first rate understanding of the interaction between different parts of the body so that his exercise classes provide a sound balance for fitness and injury recovery in those seeking flexibility and muscle strengthening. As a senior citizen I have found that regular attendance had helped considerably to control lumber pain and improve my posture.”

David Upshall

After a serious fall snowboarding – breaking both tibia and fibula – doctors told me it would take a good year to get walking again. – After 5 months of hospital physio I was still using a walking stick
A friend recommended I speak to James, and after 1 session of AMN I was walking without the stick, I was so impressed we carried on, & 3 months later I was driving / walking around Orlando and back to normal. Within a year I was back snowboarding and feeling great. – a massive thank you for that James

Words cannot describe how great I feel being able to enjoy my life again, something I thought I may never do again.

Anthony Luckett

Classes with James have completely changed how I understand physical health. The methods he uses may seem odd at first, but the benefits are instantly recognisable. James focusses on functional flexibility and strength in a holistic way that gyms, yoga, Pilates and physiotherapists don’t meet, and he can also explain why in an understandable way. His AMN treatment ‘voodoo’ has also worked it’s magic and successfully healed physical and mental limitations I have held for years. It’s hard to express how much benefit I have felt from James’ work – you’ll just have to try it and see for yourself! Trust me, it’ll be worth it.

Cheers James

Daniel Wilkinson

I have attended many keep fit classes throughout my life – from fully equipped gymnasiums, aquarobics, Pilates and yoga to name but a few. However, the best one that I have discovered is Mind-BodyPT small group sessions, organised by James Tilley.
I was not sure what to expect when I first attended, but after the first session, I realised that I felt so much better from the range of activities, Mind, body and soul. My mind has to focus on the movements that we are asked to do; the body is much more supple, and my soul feels so much lighter, relaxed and happier after every session.
James has an outstanding knowledge about the body and brain, and how and where they are linked together to work efficiently for our well-being.
Sessions are always good fun, and laughter is always a big part, which makes the sessions all the more enjoyable.
Liz Guy

“James Tilley had been recommended to me several times by several people prior to finally deciding that my preferred exercises, weren’t doing the trick. Transitioning in yoga and/or Pilates was too painful so those were not options. I made an appointment for a 1 hour private session (followed by another private session for good measure). James has a wonderful ability to look at the whole person in regard to working through mobility, pain & strengthening issues. Back pain that had hindered my movements for years, were gone within one session.
Having seen many “specialists” over the years, who I always found only ever looked at “where it hurts”, I found James’s ability to observe the whole individual and remedy the issues was very refreshing. I am so glad I made that appointment. I can honestly say that it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I continue to attend a small group lesson on a weekly basis because the benefits are priceless, and I really enjoy the workouts. “
Libby Moss

James is an excellent personal trainer, and fixed problems with my back as well as improving my general fitness. His all body programme is ideal for myself & my wife, with lots of stretching and balance work. He varies his programmes each week, which means that we never get bored or complacent. I can thoroughly recommend his services. I am now coming up for my 5th year with him.

Many thanks for your help James

Arnold & Jo Harrison

James sees where he can get the most out of you, where you need to improve, corrects you where you need it – and gets you going. Of course, the studio will be better, but I love the progress we are making even with Zoom and can’t wait to keep improving.

I highly recommend James. He is intuitive, knowledgeable, clearly passionate about fitness, and most importantly EFFECTIVE!!

After transitioning to more of an office role from a field-based position, I began working with James during his Thursday lunchtime Eldoa sessions to help improve my posture. Over the past year I have felt my back strengthen and my flexibility increase, and this has helped the associated back issues that come from sitting at a desk all day. Thank you, James.
Robyn Pelling

‘We are a couple who enjoy James Tilley’s professional advice and leadership, and all from the perspective of 80 years of general wear and tear. James concentrates on balance, control, and suppleness, challenging us to find our limits of where our bodies can go to, and achieve things we thought we could no longer do. The sessions are sometimes exhausting, but we do not get hurt and we do not get bored. Go for it.’

From a personal point of view, Covid-19 has forced yachtsmen like myself to sail single-handed, since you can’t distance from each other in a small boat – the exercise regime within James’ studio has helped me to move round the deck with confidence and enjoy the 2020 season’
Yours aye,

Ted & Veronica

“James employs a truly holistic approach to training, he is extremely knowledgeable about the human body through AMN, which he brings to bear in his classes; he is up to date and is always researching new techniques. Every session is different and just challenging enough, he always seems to know just how far to take things, and we love the way his focus is upon allowing us to enjoy our later years to the maximum.
James has an engaging personality and is caring for the different needs of a wide age range of clients; some of his older clients are certain that his exercise classes are keeping us alive.”
Jim & Heather Platt

I have trained with James for many years now, both in class sessions and 1-2-1 training. He has a great range of disciplines and experience, regularly bringing new ideas to enhance the work outs. Each session is unique – the variety makes it both interesting and challenging. I have no doubt that his focus upon movements that benefit daily life (I spend a lot of time seated) are entirely why my fitness levels in my mid 50s are better than they were in my mid 40s

Thanks James

And on top of that he practises voodoo!!

Chris Green

Sitting at a computer day after day had taken its toll on my upper back and shoulders, and I thought it was something I just had to live with. I’ve seen physios, chiropractors and practiced yoga to try and help with the pain, but nothing seemed to work. Then I started Eldoa / Stick Mobility classes with James. I recommend it to anyone with back or muscle tension problems. His ability to think out of the box and mix these two wonderful techniques together, has for me, been a game changer. The results are quick, and I noticed improvements after only week one.
I started off not being able to sit on the floor with my back, or legs straight, but James was really understanding, and just by allowing me to sit on an aerobic step, I could instantly feel the improvements. Within a few months I was sitting on the floor easily, and this with just one session a week, (work allowing) I was upright, my posture had improved greatly, and many of my aches and pains were completely gone. This life changing combination is unlike anything I have tried before, so we are lucky to have James in Salisbury.
Claire Mellett

I am a huge convert to functional fitness. I am of an age where a six-pack and making the 1st XI are unattainable dreams, but James’ techniques have improved my fitness, balance, flexibility, & allowed me to still enjoy the things I have always enjoyed doing. My quality of life has definitely improved for the better.
Thank you, James,
Richard Death

Thanks to James and his functional training I’m feeling the best I have in the last – forever really- he has literally changed my life for the better!! I can do things I enjoy without the back pain I have had for the last few years, and I am beginning to I feel like a powerhouse. Not only is my once or twice a week 5- 10k runs (that I do to enjoy outside and keep the weight off) easier and more fun – but my back pain is the best it has been since it started bothering me 5 yrs ago. This means I can once again enjoy pain free yoga (when I manage to make the time for it) AND I can put my socks on without going “ow!” Daily thanks to James! I used to have fortnightly physio, no longer required!!! I have 1 weekly fitness session with James, and 1 flexibility session. And all this improvement in only 3 months – (a lot of which has been zoom) I wouldn’t go anywhere else now.

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