Mindfulness & Flexibility

Mindfulness Eldoa & Stick mobility, why combining the three is so beneficial

When most people stretch its usually based upon one muscle group at a time, and usually when their body’s gone through some form of stress, usually exercise, and after a busy day at work at that. Stretching’s always good to do after exercise but the more relaxed your nervous system is, the more your muscles will relax.

Mindfulness & breathwork are designed to help bring the nervous system down to a more chilled out state, which allows muscles to relax further. At Mind-bodypt the emphasis is upon the body working in a more harmonious way, never trying to force things. When you try to force a muscle to stretch the first thing it will do is tension up and push back. The brain remembers this tension as pain and each time you try to force a stretch its default is to stop you going any further, and the easiest way to do that is to make it painful. This is why so many people feel they never improve their flexibility.

Improve your movement, flexibility & posture

This is where Stick mobility makes such a huge difference to people’s movement and flexibility over other more traditional forms of stretching. It’s based upon multi joint movement, not one joint at a time, that’s not how we work. Lines of fascia (connective tissue) become more relaxed, and our overall movement becomes far better and more comfortable.

This then allows us to get more from the structural stretches we call Eldoa. Designed to improve posture by helping lengthen the spine through a series of postures based upon each vertebra.

If you’re looking to improve your movement, flexibility & posture, why not come and try for yourself to see how our exclusive mix of these techniques can help.

Mindfulness and Flexibility Training

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