Get bigger Biceps in 6 weeks” “Beach ready Abs” “The Wolverine workout” “From fat to flat” “Build a beach body & have incredible sex” BLAH BLAH BLAH, All B&**”!#t on the covers of health mags, just to draw you in and make you believe you too can look like that film star in 6 weeks. And to be honest you can!! If you have endless cash to throw at a so called “celeb” trainer, several hours a day 6-7 days a week. A nutritionist to prep and cook your meals, count the “Macro Nutrients” along with the countless supplements you’ll need.

Sure we’d all love to look like Thor, Wolverine, a spartan warrior or Wonder Woman (ok maybe not Wonder Woman for me!) but those guys have time, cash and a multi-billion dollar studio paying for it all. Remember the people you see on health mag covers are either full time fitness models that spend ALL day in the gym, or food prepping and drinking countless toxic protein shakes. Or film stars that are being paid to get in amazing shape. Plus let’s be honest, we’ve all seen the before and after photoshop pictures!!

Having been in the industry for nearly 13 years I’ve seen and met plenty of people that have seen some great trainers that have done amazing job’s getting their weight off and making them feel great. So why are they coming in for a new gym routine? Why has the weight gone back on? Why could they only do it when their trainer was holding their hand?

Simple it’s called LIFE! I’m a busy trainer with an amazing little family that I don’t get to see as nearly as much as I’d like. I have a beautiful wife and an awesome little boy, but I also have a job that takes up a lot of time, and I’m lucky compared to some people. I can train when I want because I’m not sat in an office 8hrs a day, after a 2 hour commute then only to do that same 2 hours home. I have time to “Prep like a boss” like the body coach would tell you to do, I have the time to shop every day for fresh healthy food choices, (I should take shares in Waitrose!)

So why does the fitness industry suck???

Because it’s all based on what for the average Joe is an unobtainable dream. Yeah we can all get in better shape, hell just going to weight watchers will do that for you, and going for a walk round the block at lunch will help. So why do we NEED bigger Biceps? Or 6 pack abs? Why should we listen to some egotistic self-obsessed super vain Celeb trainer wannabe, telling us our life will be crap if we don’t strive to look like the perfect Human specimen?

We are the most incredible piece of machinery in the known universe, from a fish to this, WOW! We’re designed to move not lie on our back and push a barbell, lie on the floor and look like we’re having a seizure doing crunches, or come close to a heart attack on a bike that goes nowhere. This time of year is the most challenging on our system. Cold, wet, slippery, an accident waiting to happen for a stiff tight inflexible body, that’s been smashed up for years in a weights room or a cross fit box. A body that knows nothing about real movement, movement that involves more than just up down back & forth.

As we reach our 40’s 50’s 60’s and above having spent years sat behind a desk “Beach ready abs” or “Guns” is of even less importance. The ability to get in and out of a chair without using your arms, to walk up and down stairs without holding the banister, to put on your socks on your own! I have two groups of 60+ years and they inspire me every week. I’d put money on it they’d put the average bench pressing abs obsessed 20yr old to shame with their movement ability.

As I turn 45 I can honestly say I’m in better physical shape both strength, aesthetic & mobility wise than I ever was in my 20’s chasing that dream of bulking up, getting 6 pack abs, and being “ripped” pushing barbells while led on my back. Or looking in the mirror while working my Biceps. 3 dimensional free weight exercises, based upon our movement systems, mixed with mobility training keep my body out of the chiropractor or massage room where I spent time when “pumping iron”

It’s time people learned to see through the lie the fitness industry is selling us. Duping us into believing sitting in a chair and pushing levers shifting weight is good for us (fine if you’re a crane driver).

To finish I will say that it’s obviously up to people to make their choice of what they want, Look good and move bad or look good and move great? The fitness industry and magazines will always sell by showing pictures of “ripped” guys and girls. They will always have people chase the dream and that’s their choice. For me I’m happy to not have a 6 pack, but to move pain free, perform more complex moves than ever before, and know my training will allow me to enjoy life for years to come.

James Tilley,

Mind Body Personal Training, Creating Amazing

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