HIIT training, all the stars do it, the Body coach says it’s great, it burns huge amounts of calories, and every trainer out there uses it to “Get you that beach body”. So, does it actually work? Is it for you? More importantly, is it doing you any good?

The answer to the last question for 90% of the public is, NO. Tests have proved you can burn mass calories!!! But, if you just stop eating junk and clean up your diet, get off your phone, get to bed early and drink lots of water, that’ll do a better job for you.

Is it for you? Honestly, probably not, unless your part of the small percentage of the nation that actually eat healthy (and I don’t mean a supermarket pre-packed salad) and actually move their bodies, get off their phone, get to bed early and drink lots of water. (Starting to see a pattern here?)

Does it work? For the vast majority, NO, people may lose a little weight but most stay the same and just convince themselves “It’ll happen if I stick with it!!” Ok so you have your Insanity workouts, but, if you smash your body senseless 60 days in a row and change your diet there’s a good chance you may look a little different at the end of it any way”

You see, a huge amount of us spend all day sat down, so our nervous system is pretty downgraded compared to what it could & should be. So, when you go to your HIIT class and smash out burpees and snatch kettlebells you’re over loading your system beyond what it’s really able to deal with.

Ok so you’ll “feel the burn”, but that burn is really your bodies way of telling you “I’VE HAD ENOUGH!!!” even though you’re bouncy local celeb trainer will tell you “it’s doing you good”

For the vast majority of us, “Working out” really is not what we should be doing. “Working in”, bringing energy into your system, would be of far more benefit, and to be honest, still get you the result you’re looking for.

Obesity is on the rise in a huge way in the UK. If you’re overweight, your body IS diseased, it’s crying out for help, to be honest, overweight or not, the vast amount of people are still diseased. You DON’T have the energy to give in your HIIT class, and thus all you’re doing is making you worse. Yeah there’s a good chance you’ll have burnt some calories, yeah over time you may get “RIPPED” but what your happy bouncy celeb trainer wannabe is not telling you, is theirs a BIGGER picture to your health.

This is probably going to sound a bit “out there” to most, but we are actually a walking battery, we are bio-electrically charged, and just like the battery in your extra limb (your phone), unless it’s regularly charged, it / you, will die!! If your phone battery was showing red, you wouldn’t expect to start streaming videos or music and expect it to last the train journey home from your mind numbing, sat on your posterior, neurally draining, stress loading office job.

We need to be “re-charged” on a daily basis, exposure to sunlight, not blue light from our phones and laptops, & Stop wearing your shades every time the sun comes out, Exposure to the Earth (going barefoot), Earthing our water, as well as already mentioned, sleep & de-loading our already stressed out systems will help re-charge our battery and produce health.

Social media’s obsession with looking like a Spartan warrior or wonder woman drives us into exercise that the majority of us, really are not up to. Going to commercial gym’s and sitting on fixed plane machines and pushing weights, standing in front of the mirror doing Bicep curls, or sitting on spin bikes, or going to cross-fit boxes and smashing out the days “wod”, or going to boot-camps, for the vast majority, are NOT what’s needed.

Functional movements based upon primal movement patterns. Functional stretching like Stick Mobility & Yoga, that reconnect the bodies systems, are far more important to the average person than smashing out a HIIT session and “getting a sweat on” Believe me you’ll get just as much of a sweat on.


As ever, what people wish to do is their choice, but if the above can help a few people make a better healthier choice with their life, then this has had a great result.


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